How can I improve my piano playing?

Can I have two different instruments play the same melody at the same octave?

I am writing an orchestral track and so far I have written the melody of strings (violins and such) and I want to add trumpets and here are 3 things I consider.1) Have the trumpets play the same... more


Modulation theory exercise for baritone saxophone in E flat?

If i have a piece written in the bass clef and I need to transpose it for baritone saxophone in EFlat how can I do it? The first note is an F, would this become an A when trasposed? Does the clef... more

Use of Music Theory in Composition?

I've been told by many people that music theory is not *normative*; it doesn't tell you what to write or do in music to create something beautiful that sounds good. I've been told that it's... more

Layering multiple instruments?

I am very new to the song writing process. In a section like the chorus, how do you get the layering of many instrument to get that full and rich impression? For my first composition, I just had... more


What does a music producer do?

Is it acceptable to change tempo in the middle of a song or is this a bad idea?

I wrote a song that could be classified as Pop or Country that starts out at a medium slow tempo in the first two verses and bridge. Then there is a section after the bridge that can best be... more

Finding the "Starting point" when creating a composition or score?

This is a fairly simple one, and hopefully not too wide-open to be permitted here: what approaches are available when sitting at a fresh screen or sheet of paper, or at your instrument, to create... more

Emulating human performance in orchestral software?

I recently bought *Garritan Personal Orchestra* and find it a great tool to get professional-sounding orchestral renders of my scores. However, I feel a certain lack of "human" playing in it, i.e.,... more

What instrument can an old guy learn if the main goal is to write music?

At this old age I began, two years ago learning to write music. I write it using Sibelius and let the computer play it for me.I have been strongly recommended to learn to play an instrument. I have... more

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