What is the theoretical yield of BaSO4 for 1.25g if barium nitrate

A student combines 1.25g of barium nitrate with an excess excess of sodium sulfate in order to make barium sulfate. What is the theoretical yield of BaSO4 for this reaction? the balance equation is... more


What volume of a 2.70 M KI stock solution would you use to make 0.445 L of a 1.25 M KI solution?

What volume of a 2.70 M KI stock solution would you use to make 0.445 L of a 1.25 M KI solution?


Calculus population growth formula

 A major corporation is building a 4,325 acre complex of homes, offices, stores, schools, and churches in the rural community of Glen Cove. As a result of this development, the planners have... more


Trigonometry - SOHCAHTOA - Pythagoras

A yacht is moored to the side of a quay by a rope 3 metres long. The rope is tied to the yacht at R and the quay at T.At low tide, when the yacht is as far away from the quay as possible, the rope... more


What is the question want? Do i need to do a Binomial Law for the j and then plot the CDF?

Given an experiment that follows Binomial Law, b(k, 10; 0.2). Define the RV X by 𝑋(𝑘) = { 0; 0 ≤ 𝑘 ≤ 2 1; 2 < 𝑘 ≤ 5 2; 5 < 𝑘 ≤ 7 3; 7 < 𝑘 ≤ 10 Compute the probabilities P[X = j] for j = 0,... more


Someone criticizes the study saying "we can’t tell if additional sales were due to the poster." Is this a valid criticism of the study?

record company would like to see if sending out posters of a popular artist can generate orders for the artist's records. They choose a large sample of potential customers and randomly send half of... more


Probability spinner

Hi, i have a question about a probability spinner i really need help with, this is it:A spinner is made using the colours listed on the probability scale below- (I will type out the numbers because... more


Determine number of nucleons which can be packed within a nucleus of given size.

Forces caused by binding energy of quarks (sub-nucleonic particles) hold protons and neutrons together in atom’s nucleus (core). Binding energy of a quark pair is in excess of 300 MeV (million... more


What's the use of matrices in real life?


Parametric Equations and their Derivatives

Hi!I am a Calculus AB student and I am asked to do a BC Project. My topic is Parametric Equations and their Derivatives. I have to come up with an activity to teach the class the topic, so I... more


How do I find the moment of inertia of a regular N-gon?

At what rate is the water level rising?

A swimming pool is 20 m long, 5 meters wide, has sides in the shape of a right triangle, and slopes downward so that it is 4 meters deep at the deep end. Water is being pumped into the pool at 2m^3... more


What is 10+5 (100+2)?


20sin^2 (X)-5=0

Find all exact solutions on the interval 0≤x<2π. If there is more than one answer, enter them as a comma separated list. 20sin2(x)−5=0


chemistry question

A scuba diving shop sells a product called Nitrox32. According to the sign, 609.4 L of Nitrox32 provides 195 L of oxygen. What is the percent of oxygen in Nitrox32? Does Nitrox32 have a higher or... more


How fast are the boats traveling ?

A yacht makes the trip in 2.5 while the tall ship makes it in 10 hours. the tall ship is 30 knots slower than the yacht , for each boat the trip time multiplied by the speed is the distance... more
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