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Need help with math problem

Here is the problem -8x+11=35how to work it out for the answer TIA

The sum of two numbers is 74. One number is 6 more than the other. Find the numbers.

I have the worst time with word problems. I always get them mixed up. could you help me?  


Please solve the word problem below

Iona started with a certain amount of money. She sent half of her money. She earned $6 the next day. Later, she lost 1/6 of her money, but still had $15 left. How much money did she have in the... more

Hans made $391 for 17 hours of work. At the same rate, how much would he make for 9 hours of work?

Im doing an online class and I really need help with these really hard math word problems, if you could help then that would be bless.

have 151 volume and cut 1.5 in. on each side.

 Sharon has a cake that measures 7.5in. wide, 13.5in long. 1.5in tall. She cut pieces of that cake that measure 1.5in on each side. How many pieces of cake does sharon have?

Find the time it takes for the diver to reach the water if the platform is 49 feet high.

The height of a diver during a dive can be modeled by h= -16 t^2 where h is height in feet relative to the diving platform and t is time in seconds. Find the time it takes for the diver to reach... more

Egg hunt word problem

At a community egg hunt, 32% of the eggs scattered in the grass contained chocolate candy. If 240 eggs contained chocolate, how many eggs were scattered?


Fraction word problem

Erica bought 3 1/2 yards of fabric. If she uses 2/3 of the fabric to make a curtain, how much will she have left?I need to understand how to solve it, less interested in the answer, more interested... more


If angle 1 equals 5xº and angle 5 equals (2x - 2)º, find the value of x, angle 1, and angle 5

Angles 1 and 5 are supplementary angles.


Are the graphs of the lines in the pair parallel? Explain y=5x+6 -18x+3y=-54

Are the graphs of the lines in the pair parallel? Explain y=5x+6 -18x+3y=-54

Math Problem

Mr. Green bought dinner home to his family from the local fast food restaurant. He brought hotdogs, which sell for $1.50 each and hamburgers, which sell for $2.00 each. If he brought a total of 8... more


Witch of the following shapes is the most specific category?

A. Acute Triangles B. Polygons C. Equilateral Triangles D. Triangles


The difference of twice a number and 6 is at least -30

im having trouble can you solve it?


how many books that are 18cm by 16cm by 4 cm in size will fill a container that is 2.6 meters

how many books that are 18cm by 16cm by 4 cm in size will fill a container that is 2.6 meters by 1.9 meters by 3.0 meters?


The length of a rectangle is 6 m more than twice the width. If the area of the rectangle is 140m squared , find the dimension.

 You must show a diagram, write an appropriate equation and solve that equation  

The area of a rectangle below is 170 square meters. what is the value of X

Length= (x+4)n width= (3x-1)m  Area= 170


A carpenter is building a rectangular shed with a fixed perimeter of 54 feet. What are the dimensions of the largest shed that can be built? What is the area?

This is a problem I have on my calc homework and I can't figure it out.


Make $208 for 13 hours of work. same rate, how many hours to make $272?

how to figure out in making $272?


Solve each equation for 0≤Θ≤360.

Hi! My homework is asking me to solve each trig equation for the interval  0≤Θ≤360.   The problem is asking to find the answer if the equation is -4sinΘ=2.    How can I solve this?


eight less than the product of a number n and 1/5 is no more than 95

                                          a  a a  a a a a a a a  aa a a a a a a a a a  a a  a aa a a a a a a  a a a a  a a aa  a a a a


A rectangles area is 3x^2+x-2. Both the length and the width are then decreased by 3 inches. What is the new area?

I’m not sure how u would solve this polynomial. I don’t really understand what thisis asking either

Which number is a solution to x+ 32=5+4x

Which number is a solunion to x+32=5+4x

Word problem help?

A box with a square base has a volume of 16 in3. The height of the box is twice as long as the length of the sides of the square base. What is the height of the box?

Find the original number

The denominator of a fraction is 5 more than twice the numerator. If both numerator and denominator are decreased by 2, the simplified result is 1/3. Find the original fraction. (DO not simplify)
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