the past tense of the word bring is?


Statistics Task

A regression equation was computed to be y = 5 + 3x. What is the purpose of a regression equation? what does the 3 represent in this model ? what does the 5 represent in this model? if the model... more


Writing in mathematics

Describe the plan or steps to solving the problem below to help support your assertions:a pinecone drops from a tree branch that is 20 feet above the ground. The function h = -16t^2 + 20 is used.... more

What object is defined using a directrix and a focus

A. Perpendicular BisectorB. ParabolaC. CircleD. Angle Bisector


What’s the answer

What is the midpoint of the line segment with endpoints (16,2) and (-4,-8) in the standard (x,y)

Integers Math Problem (I need help please!)

Find three consecutive positive even integers such that the product of the two smaller integers is 16 more than the largest. 12


How many tickets?

A movie theater sells tickets at different prices. Adults are charged $8.50 per ticket, and children are charged $5.50 per ticket. If the theater sells 26 tickets for $194, how many adult tickets... more


can someone please answer this question

Which expression is equivalent to ?


I need the answer to this question

You plan to paint the walls and carpet the floor of a rectangular room . The floor of the rectangular room measures 18ft by 24ft. The ceiling is 12ft high .there is an 8ft by 3ft door on one of the... more


what is an equation equal of a line parallel to y=2/3x-4 and goes through the point (6,7)

i cant figure it out


need to know how to do this problem


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