Use intercepts to graph the linear function

Use intercepts to graph the linear equation. 5x = 3y + 15


statistic probability

A new medical drug to cure HIV/AIDS has just been developed. The probability that it will cure HIV/AIDS is 0.9 if the patient has HIV/AIDS. The probability that it will cure HIV/AIDS falls to 0.4... more


equation to determine the number of minutes (t)(t)left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis that Raymond was on the trampoline.

equation to determine the number of minutes (t)left parenthesis, t, right parenthesis that Raymond was on the trampoline.


need help with math question

A company finds they price thier pens at p dollars each, then thier weekly revenue for the pens will be 1000p - 200p^2 dollars. If their weekly revenue is 1200 dollars what could be the price in... more

I need help with transfer functions

I need help to solving these:I need to rewrite each of these transfer functions:a) F1(s) = 1 / (3s + 5)b) F2(s) = 5.5 / (3.4s + 1.2)c) F3(s) = a / (bs + c)into the 2 standard forms: H1(s)= K1 /... more


comparing slopes

When arranging slopes from least to greatest do we take the absolute of the slopes and then compare or do we consider the one with negative slope as the least??


What does the number 444 stand for?


Derivative of sigmoid?

I'm creating a neural network using the backpropagation technique for learning. I understand we need to find the derivative of the activation function used. I'm using the standard sigmoid... more


caclculus help me

Which of the following numbers cannot be a root of the polynomial function P(x)=16x7+ax3+b where a and b are integers

Aunt and Uncle's fuel oil tank dip stick problem?

This problem first came to me in high school, and a couple times since, and I even assigned it for extra credit in one of my calculus classes after I became a teacher. So I know the solution. What... more

Find out the time for each pipe separately?

To fill a swimming pool 2 pipes are used . If the pipe of the larger diameter used for 4 hours and pipe of smaller diameter for 9 hours then only half of the pool is filled.Find how long it would... more


15 masons can build the wall in 20 days.How many masons will build the wall in 12 days

please tell the answer


One of the managers suggests that they could cut the volume of plastic used to make the paper weights in half if they cut the side length of the base in half.

is the managers reasoning correct? Explain.   volume=300 cubic centimeters   side length=10 cm   its a square pyrami by the way

calculate combination of sine waves

calculate sine waves


A golf ball is hit and follows a parabolic path. It lands 220 yards from where it was hit and reaches a maximum height of 32 yards

I need to know what the equation for this problem is and how high the ball was after it travels 100 yards 


Minimum Speed

An everglades can accelerate at 2m/sec2. A pilot wnats to do 2 laps of a 600 meter course with an average speed of 20 m/sec. If he does the 1st lap at a constant 15m/sec, what is the minimum speed... more


Physics While strolling downtown on a Saturday after, find the magnitude of car's acceleration.

While strolling downtown on a Saturday afternoon, you stumble across an old car show. As you are walking along an alley toward a main street, you glimpse a particularly stylish Alpha Romeo pass by.... more


He starts at A and follows the alphabet to the letter H; it takes him 12 seconds. What was his average velocity?

A 9m B 6m C 5m D 20m E 7m F 11m G 10m H 8m


Periodic Functions

A man claimed that the inside temperature of his shop should be less than the temperature of the outside for 75 % of the day (24 hours). He immediately found his recording instruments and measured... more

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