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I need help:Let 𝑦1 and 𝑦2 be solutions of the differential equation y''+5y^2=0. Determine by inspection if 𝑦1 + 𝑦2 is also a solution of the equation.CordiallyJorge Emilio Pérez

need help with precalclus hw

If g(x) is the f(x)=x after a vertical compression by 12, a shift left by 1, and a shift down by 4,a) write an equation for g(x): g(x) =   b) The slope of this line is:   c) The vertical intercept... more

Identifying volumes of solids rotated about regions

How would you find the volume of a solid generated by revolving the region in the first quadrant bounded by the graphs of the equations: y=0, and x=pi/2 about the line y=4?

Pre Calc AB Continuous Growth

A new app was downloaded 175 times in its first week. Since then, the number of downloads increased by 16.5% each week. a) Write a continuous exponential growth model to approximate the number of... more

Why value of A and B are different in these two methods ?

Hi everyone, I was trying to find the values of A, B coefficients by using 2 methods:method 1 by equating coefficients and method 2 by substituting different values of s.Please referee to the... more


Calculus Question

The base of a solid in the xy-plane is the first-quadrant region bounded y = x and y = x2. Cross sections of the solid perpendicular to the x-axis are equilateral triangles. What is the volume, in... more


please help on this ive tried multiple times but can't seem to get it right

Kasonga is 38 inches tall. He is 4/5 as tall as his brother. How tall is his brother?Round your answer to the nearest inch.

Solve the inverse Laplace transformation using convolutions.

F(s)=(5s-s)/(s^2 * (s+2)*(s-1))

restricted block on spring

A block of mass m = 4.5 kg slides back and forth on a frictionless horizontal track. It is attached to a spring with a relaxed length of L = 3 m and a spring constant k = 17 N/m. The spring is... more

If tan(theta)= -1, sin (theta) < 0, and theta is inbetween 0 and 360, then determine the exact value of theta

I understand how to do the question without the "sin0<0". Also I tried to answer the question and I got 0=45 and 0=135.


Use the Gram-Schmidt process to determine an orthonormal basis for the subspace of R4 spanned by x, y, and z.

Let x=[-4 -1 -2 0], y=[-8 -1.5 1 1], z=[10 -7 -6 23]


Use the Gram-Schmidt process to determine an orthonormal basis for the subspace of R4 spanned by x, y, and z.

Let x=[-4 -1 -2 0], y=[-8 -1.5 1 1], z=[10 -7 -6 23]


What is the average price of the commodity over the 5-week period from (t = 0) to (t = 5)? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

The price of a certain commodity in dollars per unit at time t (measured in weeks) is given by p=21-3e^-2t-4e^-t/3


Approximate the area of triangle ABC. (Round your answer to one decimal place.)

a = 15.0,     b = 70.0,     c = 60.0.

Select a function from below options so that if both sides of the equation is multiplied by the function, then the new ODE is exact.

y^2*dx+ (xy+1) dy=0 isSelect a function from below options so that if both sides of the equation is multiplied by the function, then the new ODE is exact.a.) y^(-2)b.) xc.) y^(-1)d.) x/yPlease help


Question 1 for lulu

The graph of a sinusoidal function intersects its midline at (0,-6)and then has a minimum point at (2.5,-9) Write the formula of the function, where x is entered in radians.


On a given workday, the rate in tons per hour, at which unprocessed ore arrives

On a given workday, the rate, in tons per hour, at which unprocessee ore arrives at a refinery is modeled by O (t) = 20 + 10 cos (t^2÷25) where t is measured in hours and 0 <= t <= 10. At the... more


question on differentiation

Ping's iStove Company produces the very popular iStove in a monopolistic market. Demand for his iStoves, and production costs, are given by the following functions:Demand: Q = 1200 − 2P ;   Costs:... more


quadratic word problem

The distance in feet is modeled by the equation d = - 16x2 + 96x + 112 when a ball is tossed up in the air. To the nearest tenth of a second, how long will it take the ball to reach the ground? 

determine if this function is odd, even or NEITHER

is 2x^7-x^3+2 an even, odd or neither function?


Find the differential dy of the given function. (Use "dx" for dx.)

y=x+1/4x-9I got -13/(4x-9)^2 but it got marked wrong. Help?


Find the derivative of the function. y = integral from cos(x) to sin(x) ln(8 + 3v) dv

Find the derivative of the function. y = sin(x) ln(8+3v)dv cos(x)  

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