How much liquid (in mL) was originally in the beaker with the 20% solution and how much liquid (in mL) was originally in the beaker with 15% solution?

You have one beaker which contains an unknown amount of a 15% iodine solution and another beaker which contains an unknown amount of a 20% iodine solution. You add only half of the 20% solution to... more


Statistics.. FInding what X is supposed to be in order to find the Z score?

Math SAT scores or all math majors in a school are normally distributed with a mean of 627 and a standard diviation of 60.5 at (x-n)627,60.5 if the school board wants to identify the top 5.5% of... more

annual income vs investments

Edmonds Community College's (EDCC) scholarship fund received a gift of $ 300,000. The money is invested in stocks, bonds, and CDs.CDs pay 3% interest, bonds pay 3.4% interest, and stocks pay 7.1%... more


I don't get how to solve linear systems by multiplying first



Labor hourly rates

Katy recently hired a mechanic to do some necessary work. On the final bill, Katy was charged a total of $460. $285 was listed for parts and the rest for labor. If the hourly rate for labor was... more


If n = 520 and ˆ p (p-hat) = 0.35, construct a 99% confidence interval.

Help please ASAP! Need help on this statistics homework


16 is 4 times the difference of a number and 10


Let F be between G and H. Use the Segment Addition Postulate to solve for u. GF = 3u + 21 FH = 7u + 9 GH = 50 A. u = 3 B. u = 7 C. u = 5 D. u = 2

Let F be between G and H. Use the Segment Addition Postulate to solve for u. GF = 3u + 21 FH = 7u + 9 GH = 50       A. u = 3 B. u = 7 C. u = 5 D. u = 2


Find equation whose x intercept iof a line is 4 and y intercept is 8.

In my book, it says the answer is (x)/4 + (y)/8 = 1   I have no idea how to solve to get to that answer.     

Algebra 2 word problem, only need an answer and no explanation

The length of a rectangle is one and a half meters more than its width. If the perimeter is 15 meters, what are its dimensions? Enter length and width, separated by a semicolon. 


I need help with making a piece wise function for three jobs

Job A: This job pays $1850 per month plus a bonus of $250 per month. However, you will not receive the bonus on a monthly basis. It will be placed into an account (Paying no interest). After you... more

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