Asked • 05/30/19

adding hyperlinks to indesign?

I'm fairly new to Adobe Indesign, but I'm ok with various coding languages. I want to create a web-based document that lists some products and product descriptions with each product description acting as a hyperlink to the online product itself. I have got as far as creating the XML that lists the various attributes I want to import via XML, but I'm having trouble with defining the URL to act as the hyperlink. My current xml looks something like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <list> <product href=""> <BrandName>Brand 1</BrandName> <Title>Shirt</Title> <FullPrice>&#163;25</FullPrice> <ProductCode>ABC123</ProductCode> </product> <product href=""> <BrandName>Brand 2</BrandName> <Title>Jacket</Title> <FullPrice>&#163;20</FullPrice> <ProductCode>DEF456</ProductCode> </product> </list> However, it just isn't working. I'm probably missing something really simple, but I'm currently at a loss. I just want to be able to drag elements from the structure onto my page, save as a PDF and know that each product will be linked through to the relevant hyperlink. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ryan B. answered • 02/03/20

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