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What is the best way of conveying respect to elders in English?

In Afrikaans, it is considered very disrespectful to use "you" ( "jy") when referring to someone who is above the level of a peer. Instead, it is expected that you use "u", which is a very... more
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The use of -さん when answering about oneself?

If someone says, > あなた は Chris-さん です か。 > Are you Chris? Do you answer > Chris です Or > Chris-さん です
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What do you call the process of formally addressing someone by using honorifics?

My native language is Macedonian, and in my language, we have a special term that describes the process of formally addressing someone. The idea is that you treat that person in plural instead of... more


Is it proper to omit periods after honorifics (Mr, Mrs, Dr)?

I've been reading the Economist lately and they apparently don't punctuate honorifics like "Mr.", "Mrs.", e.g.> The popular rejection of Mr Mubarak offers the Middle East’s best chance for... more

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