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How does the present tense work in a relative clause?

> そんなわけで、まだ日も暮れない夕方の通学路を、駅に向かってゆっくりと歩く俺と加藤。 I encountered this quote in a light novel and am stuck on how to interpret it. It feels like 歩く should be "walking" in this context, but it is not... more


How do I say "before" or "used to" in Japanese?

朝、作文を書いた時、疑問に思いました。 How can I say something like: > I didn't use to like this band. > Before, I didn't like this band.

In what aspect ratio shoud one record with a DSLR?

This Question is not about what aspect ratio should be chosen for the final film, it's rather about how to get the biggest "resolution" capable of the cammera.When you take a photo with a Modern... more


Difference between -ていく and -てくる?

Can someone explain the differences between v-ていく and v-てくる for me. I know that they both express some kind of ongoing action (like a place getting crowded). For example, what's the difference... more

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