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Write the point-slope form of the line that passes through (6, 1) and is parallel to a line with a slope of -3.

i cant figure out how to solve these problems


What is point slope form

Write the point-slope form of the equation of each line given the slope and y-intercept.   Slope= 2/3       y-intercept= 3


How to turn point-slope linear equation into standard form

How would I turn the point-slope form linear equation into standard form? Y - 3 = 3 (x + 1)


What is (2,-4),m=5 in point slope form

Point slope form


Qestion in description

Find the equation of the line that is perpendicular to 12x+15y=3 and going through (12,15), in the following 3 forms: point-slope, slope-intercept and standard form.


How is the final answer resulting from a point-slope formula different than the one resulting from the slope-intercept formula?

Do you leave the point-slope form as it is or do you need to simplify it to match the slope-intercept form?


The slope of a line passing through the points (-1, 5) and (3, 5) is?

A) no slope B) 0 C) 5/4


Find the slope of the line joining the points(0,4) and (4,-1).

Find the slope of the line joining the points (0,4)and(4,1).


The population of the Wallingfried neighborhood h

The population of the Wallingfried neighborhood has been growing steadily since 1981. In 1987, the population was 35200 people. In 1992, it was 43700 people. Find an equation in the form y = m x +... more





A line through (1,2) with a slope of 1/2

this is for finals. It is find an equation for that question. I have the answer but need the work


How to use point-slope form when you are given two sets of points?

Using point-slope form, find the equation of the following points: (2,3) and (5,1)

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