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Contour Lines Xy Functions


How to draw a contour map for a given function

Hi guys...   I have a function z=x3-6x2-y2 and given to draw a contour map to represent the surface.  I set z to some randomly chosen values and obtained the relevant x and y values.  But I... more
Contour Lines Calculus


What are the steps in drawing the Contour maps for a differential equation having two stationary points..??

I have a function z= x^(3) - 6x^(2) - y^(2) and I found the stationery points to be at (0,0) and (4,0). I just need to know the procedure of drawing the contour map for this function.
Contour Lines Topographic Map Maps


Describe the topography lines.

In area on a topographic map has the following contour line configuration: first, the barns are fairly' an area on a topographic map has the following contour line configuration: First, the Lines... more
Contour Lines Science Topographic Map Maps


Can anyone help me with this Topographic Map project?

I need to create a topographic map of an imaginary place. My map has to be on regular printer paper. The map has to include At least 20 contour lines with none crossing, Contour Intervals/Index... more

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