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The p-value for the two-sided hypothesis test is 0.04. How would you interpret the p-value?

The owner of an ice cream shop wants to determine whether there is a relationship between ice cream sales and temperature. The owner collects data on temperature and sales for a random sample of 30... more
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top 35% and minimum score

The combined math and verbal scores for students taking a national standardized examination for college admission, is normally distributed with a mean of 880 and a standard deviation of 230. If a... more
Quantitative Data Stem And Leaf Plot


Would a stem and leaf plot ever be used in a newspaper?

I have been learning about stem and leaf plots and i am curious about where they would be used and if they would be used in a news paper?
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How do you solve and plot the points for y=3x-1

How do you solve and plot the points for y=3x-1.
Quantitative Data


What is a grouping of quantitative data into mutually exclusive classes that shows the number of observations in each class?

when qualitative data is put into exclusive classes that show number of observations in ea class it is called a frequency table.   What is the table called when it is quantitative 

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