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Honors pre Calc


Law of Cosines

a=6,b=8,c=12  Formula(s)  a2=b2+c2-2bc*cosA b2=a2+c2-2ac*cosB c2=a2+b2-2ab*cosC
Honors pre Calc


How might you convert r(cos (theta)-(pi)/6)=2 from polar to rectangular?

rcos(θ-π/6)=2 (with steps, not just the answer)
Honors pre Calc Math Calculus


Bearings Project

I have NO idea how to do any of this. I've been trying for 2 weeks without any luck.   Bearings: (Start on the right of the paper) Beginning at the first survey marker (A), proceed 227.0 feet... more
Honors pre Calc Precalculus Functions


Difference Quotient problem with understanding completely: f(x)=1/x^2

f(x)=1/x^2 In utilizing the difference quotient to solve this problem, how would I solve it? Please list in steps as well.  Thank you in advance.
Honors pre Calc


Does the function have a minimum or maxium value ? What is the function minuim or maximum ? Where does the minimum or maxium value occur ? g(x)=-3x^-6x-6

This question is bugging me !!!! I can't even do this . I tried the calculator , I just can't get it . 
Honors pre Calc


Simplify 2x^2n-1 / 6x^2n-5

My answer is x^4 / 3.  Am I doing this right?

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