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Spring Constant & Oscillatory Motion

A 500.0 gram mass is hung from a spring having a spring constant of 50.0 N/m. a) How much does the spring stretch when the mass is at rest and it is not oscillating? This is called the equilibrium... more

Do two springs compressed springs placed against each other obey Newton's third law?

I've been mulling over the following scenario. Say I take two springs whose force is given by some well-defined function of position (for example, Hooke's law F=kx will do). Using this law, I... more
Spring Physics


6.5kg mass attached to a spring

 A 6.5 kg mass is attached to a spring (k=64 N/m) and stretched to a distance that is 10 cm away from it’s equilibrium point. The mass is released from this position at time, t=0 sec. Design a data... more

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