Adam K.

asked • 05/16/18

when i add all my 4 marking period grades and divide by 4 i have a 70 in the class. final is worth 10% , is it possible to fail the class???

is it possible that i can fail the class, what would i need to score on the final to not fail the class

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Arturo O. answered • 05/16/18

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Adam K.

If i get a 50 on the final will i still pass the class, i have all straight A's except geometry.


Arturo O.

Well, that contradicts what you said in the problem statement, where you said you have 70% on the rest of the grade.  What percent of the total grade is geometry?  Call that P1.  What is your average score in geometry?  Call that S1.  What is your average score in the remaining percentage of the grade, where the remaining percentage is 100 - P1?  Call that score S2.  Then your overall numerical score S is 
S = [P1S1 + (100 - P1)S2] / (P1 + P2)
Plug in the numbers, compute S, and see in what letter grade range it falls.


David W.

Geometry is the class. He has A's in his other classes.


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