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Financial Formula


I need to find the Present Value using the Present Value Formula. (Financial Math)

I am having a hard time understanding this and finding the answer. I need to take my exam today and would very much love some help doing this step by step. The book given in the class doesn't... more


I will not get my IRS papers on time for school, what should I do?

My school gave me until August 30th to get them my parents non-filing papers or else I will not start the semester because my FAFSA cannot be processed without it. What should I do?


Get delta values of each quarter from cumulated income statement reports with pandas?

Get value of each quarter from cumulated income statement reports with pandas Is there any way to do it with python/pandas? I have an example dataset like below. (please suppose that this... more


Financial investment in the composition of GDP?

In the production function ***Y = C + I + G + NX***Does foreign investment in domestic assets (*i.e. foreign buying of domestic bonds*) - and vice versa - come under the Net Exports variable? Which... more


compound interest

Quan has 20,000 to invest over the next three years. He has the choice of investing his money at 6.25% simple interest or 6% compound interest  A) calculate the interest that quan will earn if he... more

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