3 Answered Questions for the topic hydrostatics


Floating cylinder

A cylinder can of mass 3kg and the diameter 5 times greater than height is floating with 1/3 part of its volume inside the water. a) find the diameter of this can b) what minimum work is required... more
Hydrostatics Physics Forces Buoyancy


What is the basic reason behind buoyancy?

Yesterday my friends and I were solving this easy-looking question: > A metal cube is placed in an empty vessel. When water is filled in the vessel so that the cube is completely immersed in... more


Why does a helium filled ballon move forward in a car when the car is accelerating?

I noticed that when I had a helium filled, latex ballon inside of my car, it moved forward in the cabin as I accelerated forward. The faster I accelerated forward, the faster the ballon went from... more

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