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How does the use of いかんによっては in this question determine one answer over another?

In my JLPT practise book, in a section explaining the use of `いかんによっては`, which roughly means "depending on", they have the following question: >... more


What is the meaning of 「読むには読んだ」?

I have the following sentence and I can't find any material pointing out the usage of this grammar. > 薦められた本を**読むには読んだ**が、よく理解できなかった。 In general, what is the usage of 「VるにはVた」?


Aren't がる and たがる the same thing?

In my JLPT practise book, it has two different entries, one to explain `がる` and one to explaining `たがる`. It offeres these example sentences to differentiate them: >... more


How the ~にあって form works - situations, places, times, what?

I finally started going through some JLPT N1 grammar the other day, and one of the ones I'm looking at has me a bit confused: the ~にあって・~にあっても form. The book describes its usage as such: >... more
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って vs が. JLPT question?

I'm looking through JLPT N3 questions and have come across this one: > A: ねえ (   ) どんなひと? > B: とても親切でいい人だよ The possible answers are: 1. 田中さんが 2. 田中さんで 3. 田中さんって 4. 田中さんでも Number... more

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