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A sample of flammable liquid is placed into an enclosed cylinder which is then fitted with a movable piston. Initially the cylinder contains a volume of 1.60 L. The sample is ignited producing gas... more
Thermochem Math Science Chemistry


How much heat is involved in changing 88.2 g S from 111 degrees celsius to 119 degrees celsius?

10th grade heat/joules/chem problem. endothermic chemistry problem
Thermochem Math Science Chemistry


How many calories are required to change 17.5 g H2O from 27 degrees celcius to ice at 0 degrees celsius?

Chemistry heat exothermic question. Calories/ water.
Thermochem Chemistry Word Problem


Calculate the minimum mass of CaO to attain 21,900 joules.

Calculate the mininum mass of calcium oxide, CaO(s), that a student must use to attain the amount of heat of a 150.0 g sample of water from 25.0 degrees C to 60.0 degrees C. (I already calculated... more

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