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Calculus 2


Calc 2 Problem: Improper Integrals

Let R be the region bounded by the graph of y=e^(-ax) and y=e^(-bx) for x is greater than or equal to zero where a>b>0. Find the area of R.    Any help with this would be much appreciated!... more
Calculus 2


Calculus 2 Question

Use partial fraction decomposition to solve the integral.   ∫(4x^2-57x+192)/(x^3-16x^2+64x)   For my answer, I got 3lnx+ln(x-8)+((x-8)^-1)+C   Can anyone see a mistake? It seemed like this... more
Calculus 2


Calculus 2 for Engineers Question

∫ (x^2-4x+4)dx/((12+4x-x^2)^(3/2))   Any help with this integral would be much appreciated. Is partial fraction decomposition necessary here?   Thank you!
Calculus 2


Calc 2 For Engineers Problem in Description

Find the area of the region bounded by the graphs of y=7tanx and y=7secx on the interval [0, pi/4].   I would really appreciate any help with this problem! Thank you so much.
Calculus 2


integrate ((x^2+1)/ (x^4+4))dx

integrate ((x^2+1)/ (x^4+4))dx
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