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Find the Area (polar)

Find the area that is outside r = 2 but inside r = 4 cos θ.Type your answer in the space below and give 3 decimal places. If your answer is less than 1, place a leading "0" before the decimal point... more
Polar Curve Calculus 2


What is the slope of the line tangent to the polar curve? At theta = 0

r = 1+2sin(theta)


rewrite the complex number in polar form.

rewrite the complex number in polar form, z=r(cos(theta )+isin(theta )) z= (1/2)+(sqrt 3/2)i=?    A. cos(pi/2)+isin(pi/2) B. cos(pi/3)+isin(pi/3) C. cos(pi/4)+isin(pi/4) D. cos(pi/6)+isin(pi/6)

Calculus Question: Tangents on Polar Coordinate of Polar Curve r=cos(theta)+sin(theta)

How do I find the polar coordinates of the points on the polar curve r=cos(theta)+sin(theta), 0(greater than or equal to)(theta)(less than or equal to)(pi), where the tangent line is horizontal or... more

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