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Calc Math Calculus



When integrating  ∫esinxcosdx, a good choice to use for your u-substitution would be which of the following:   a) u=cosxb) u=sinx c) u=esinx  
Calc Math Calculus


find the general antiderivative of f(X)= 5/2x

a.) 5/2x2-C   b.) 5ln[2x]-C   c.) none of these %MCEPASTEBIN%


solving integral

∫ ( t/(√(2t2-1) )dt=________   A) (-1/2)(√(2t2-1))+C B) 4(√(2t2-1))+C C) 8(√(2t2-1)+C D) -( (1)/(4(2t2-1)) )+C E) (1/2)(√(2t2-1))+C  
Calc Math Calculus


substituting in an integral

If the substitution √(X)=sin y is made in the integrand of: (top of the integral sign is (1/2), bottom of the sign is 0) ∫ ( √(X) )/( √(1-X) )dx, the resulting integral is_____________.   A.)... more


solving integrals

∫( (du)/(u(u2-1)1/2) ) = __________________


chain rule is also know as

The Chain Rule for antiderivatives is also known as the ___________________ rule.   -derivative -substitution -product -integral


find area under curve

Using the left-had approximation method with 5 equal subintervals, find the area under the curve f(x)=√(1+x3) on the interval [0,1].   a.) 1.074 b.) 1.156 c.) 2.356 d.) 1.110


solving using integrals

if I have a graph of f(x) and I want to find (on the top of the integral sign is 5, and on the bottom is -2)  ∫f(x)dx   what would ∫f(x)dx equal?... (if the graph has points at (-5,2) (-2,0)... more


trigonometric substitution to evaluate integral

Which trigonometric substitution can be used  to evaluate the integral: ∫ ( (dx)/(√(a2+x2)) ) ...?   x= a tanθ   x=a sinθ   x=a secθ


what is the antiderivative?

what would be the antiderivative of f(x)=12x3-9x2+8x-3   I believe it would be 3x4-3x3+4x2-3x+7 , is that correct?


second derivatives

Using the second order derivative equation: ( (d2y)/(dx2) )-9y=o   Which of the following would be true?   y= e3x   y=e-3x   y=2e-3x   y=xe3x  


Word problem using rate of change and integrals

A giant spherical snowball is melting such that its radius decreases at a rate of 5 mm per hour. How fast is the surface area changing when the diameter is two meters? How fast is the volume... more


Prove that the space of real-valued continuous functions defined on the interval [0, 1], C 0 [0, 1], is a vector space over the real scalars,

Prove that the space of real-valued continuous functions defined on the interval [0, 1], C 0 [0, 1], is a vector space over the real scalars, and find a basis for this space


find values of a and k that make this function continuous

f(x)= (x^2-144)/ (x-12)  x≠a k                           x=a


lim of (1-cos5x)/(cos6x-1) as x->0

lim of (1-cos5x)/(cos6x-1) as x->0


lim of (x+1)/(x+2) when x->3+

lim (x+1)/(x+2) x->3+ how would a + or - on c change anything when solving without a graph?


lim x as approaches 9=

no graph provided lim x=? x->9


Calculus question

a florida citrus grower estimates that if 60 orange trees are planted, the average yield per tree will be 400 oranges. The average yield will decrease by 4 oranges per tree for each additional tree... more


Integrate 4/(1+x^2) dx on an integral of 0 to -1

Need help figuring this out.
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