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Area Of Square Algebra


Applications and modeling with quadratice equations

A square flower bed is to be enlarged by adding 2 meters on each side. If the larger square has an area of 196 square meters, what is the length of a side of the original square?
Area Of Square Math


the area of a square with all four sides measuring 6 1/2

What is the area of a square with all four sides measuring 6 1/2
Area Of Square


Is there any logical proof or derivativation for area of a square

Area of a square =a2   How was this formula derived ? 


$15 per meter 81m2

deer Fencing costs 15 per metre. How much will it cost to enclose a square garden with an area of 81m2 Can you please tell me how you got the answer
Area Of Square Multiplication Square Meters


100,000 people each get 1,000,000 squared area. What total area do I need to provide?

If 100,000 (one-hundred thousand) people needed an area of 1 million by 1 million (1,000,000 * 1,000,000) (1 trillion) area of square meters each. How many square meters would be the entire area... more
Area Of Square


Find the area of a square when you know the perimeter

If the perimeter of a square is 48in is the area 8 with a square root of 3 in2?
Area Of Square


The pierces are going to put new fence around their square shaped yard. The area of the yard is 1024 square feet

How much fencing in feet , do the pierces need to fence around their square yard


Find both the length and width of a rectangle using the following conditions.

- The length of the rectangle is the same as the length of each side of a square.- The length of the rectangle is 4cm more than 3 times the width of the rectangle.- The area of the square is 66cm²... more
Area Of Square


One fourth of the tiles are brown and the remaining three fourths are beige.

The basement room is square and measures 10 feet  x 10 feet. She wants to use 4 inch x 4 inch tiles for the floor. One fourth of the tiles are brown and the remaining three fourths are beige. How... more
Area Of Square Perimeter Area Midpoint


hard area question

A square,s1, has a perimeter of 40 inches. The vertices of a second square,s2, are the midpoints of he sides of s1. The vertices of a third square,s3, are the midpoints of the sides of s2. Assume... more
Area Of Square


What are the dimensions of the original figure?

The length of a rectangle is 4 inches more than its width. If 2 inches are taken from the length and added to the width, the figure becomes a square with an area of 324 square inches. What are the... more
Area Of Square Area


A tennis court is 33 feet wide. It's length is 5 feet more than twice its width. What is the area in square feet of a tennis court?

Tennis court= 33 feet length= 5 feet more than twice its width. area= ? In square feet
Area Of Square Area


If perimeter is 16 inches what is area

Find the area 
Area Of Square Area


what is the area of a square with a side of 49 ft

there are no deatails
Area Of Square Perimeter Area


find the area and perimeter of each 6.5 feet and 2feet

can you show me how to find area on 6.5 feet and 2 feet
Area Of Square Geometry


prove that a square ABCD is half the area of a square ACEF, when the segment AB is half of the segment AE

              F   A______B______E   C______D  

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