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Help me on question yes please

The volume of a large tank is 150 yd3. It is 6 2/3 yd wide and 3 1/3 yd high. What is the length of the tank​?


Hi, when you are calculating surface area how do you combine all the formulas? I mean like how do you write them down?

For example, I know all the area formulas and for surface area you have to calculate the area of each face and add them together but how do you put it down on paper?

Find both the length and width of a rectangle using the following conditions.

- The length of the rectangle is the same as the length of each side of a square.- The length of the rectangle is 4cm more than 3 times the width of the rectangle.- The area of the square is 66cm²... more
Shape Area


Area of shaded portions

Find the areas of the shaded portions of the figures below. Give answers to 2 decimal places if necessary. A)Circle in a square (shaded part) with sides of W=10cm and L=10cm B) Two triangles... more


in the triangle, bc is twice as long as ab AC is 9cm long. if the perimeter is 24cm form an equation and solve it to find x

From my maths textbook, btw ac is the base if that helps 


I can't draw 3d shapes on isometric dotty paper. What do you suggest I do?

I'm soon going to take the Level 6 papers and find drawing 3d shapes on isometric dotty paper hard-what do you suggest. I need a way to be a pro at this by May 2014. Please help me. Thanks.

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