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Determine the open intervals on which the graph is concave upward or concave downward. (Enter your answers using interval notation. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x)=(x^2 +8)/(x^2 -1)

I've gotten to the 2nd derivative, but I'm confused about where to go from there. Any help would be rad! Cheers!

Using First Derivative Test to find the solution for the problem

Hi, I got a Calculus problem I just want to verify that I got right Given f(x)=x^4 - 3x^3. Use the 1st Derivative Test to find the solution. a) Find all x coords of critical pts and possible... more
Concavity Calculus 1


h(x) = cos (3x/2), 0 < x < 2pi

Identify the open interval on which the function is increasing or decreasing. (Using interval notation.) h(x) = cos (3x/2), 0 < x < 2pi   So far for increasing I have (2pi/3, 4pi/3)

find domain, range, max, min, inc, dec, con cavity, abs max min

F(x)=2x4-3x3-10x2+20, find domain, range, maximum, minimum, increasing, decreasing, concavity, inflection points, absolute max/min?


Fuctions, Interval, Increasing/ Decreasing, Concave up/ Concave Down (Using Calculus)

Consider the function f(x)=3x+6/6x+3                                                For this function there are two important intervals: (−∞,A) and (A,∞) where the function is not defined at... more


concavity, max, min, and inflection points

Answer the following questions for the function   f(x) = xsqrt(x^2+4) defined on the interval [-6,7]   A. f(x) is concave down on the region ____ to______B. f(x) is concave up on the region ... more
Concavity Calculus 1


find intervals on increasing and decreasing as well as where f(x) is concave up and down

f(x)= 10(x-1)^2(e^-x)   Please help!

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