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getting frustrated with this problem have been working on it for two days and can't figure it out

w = 33 - (10.45 + 10√V - V) (33 - T over 22 and W is wind chill temperature (temperature with no wind) and T is actual temperature in Celcius, V is wind speeds in m/sec a) T = 10 degrees Celcius

a) T = 10°C, v = 9m/sec

b) T = 0°C, v = 15m/sec

c) T= 10°C, v = 20m/sec


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Grigori S. | Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.

You have to write your expression clearly. What is "(33 - T over 22......

Do you mean (33 - T)/22    or  33 - (T/22)?.  In any case you just have to plug numbers into the formula and calculate W. What I can't understand in your expression is coexistence of two terms with different units:

sqrt (v) and v. In this case the coefficient 10 must have an appropriate units to make the product

10sqrt(v) having the same units with "v" (m/sec). Please make this clear.