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It states to find the length of a side of a cube (rounding the answer to three decimal places) showing the steps of the problem; if the volume is

a) 800 cm3

b) 500 cm3

How do you get to the answer of the length of 800 cm 3 and 500 cm3 showing the step by step process

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2 Answers

For a square you would take the square root of the area to find the side length, because the area is side x side, or side^2. So for a cube you take the cube root of the volume to find the side length, because the volume is side x side x side, or side^3. You are basically reversing the process by which you would calculate a volume from a side length; instead of cubing the side to find the volume, you take the cube *root* of the volume to find the side length.

The volume of a cube is A (side length) cubed. therefore the equation for a cube's volume would be written like this:

A^3 = V     then

V^(1/3) = A

part a would be 800^(1/3) => A = 9.283