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I dont understand how to isolate the t

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Hey Alexis,

Jamila Q. gave an awesome response, however there may be another solution depending on your question.  You see:

(5/6)t "which is what Jamila Q. solved" is very different than 5/(6t).  If you notice, in the first expression t is in the numerator, which is what Jamila Q. assumed.  In 5/(6t), t is in the denominator.  Our approach does have to change a bit if this is the case, but have no fear I shall show you how to solve this type.

-5/6t = -1/12


We want to get t in the numerator, so let's cross multiply...

(-5)(12) = (6t)(-1)


Now we can multiply out the terms....



In order to get t alone, we want to divide both sides by "-6"


So although Jamila Q. was not wrong, there is another way of approaching the question depending on where the "t" actually is in your book!  Look to see if the "t" is placed in the numerator such as (5/6) t  or if it is 5/(6t).  I hope this helped!!


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-5/6t = -1/12

 Think of it this way -5/6t is the same as saying (-5/6 x t). In order to get t by it self you have to get rid of the -5/6 by dividing. ( when you divide fractions you take the reciprocal) ex -5/6 the reciprocal is 6/-5. Once you have the reciprocal you multiply.

Step 1: You have to multiply both sides by 6/-5 in order to get the t by itself.

(6/-5) -5/6 t = - 1/12 (6/-5)

Step 2: you multiply -1/12 by 6/-5 and you get -6/-60

t= -6/-60

Step 3: you simplify

1 x 6 is 6

10 x 6 is 60

So -6/-60 reduces to -1/-10

A negative divided by a negative gives you a positive number, therefore, -1/-10 turns into 1/10

Step 4: The answer is t = 1/10