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what is -4 = -1 divided by 4a?

How do I solve the equation: -4 = -1 divided by 4*a

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I would also start by a getting the variable "a" in the numerator by multiplying both sides by 4a. We don't want to solve for 1/a, but for a.

 When dealing with equations, anything you do to one side, you have to do to the other side with the exception of multiplying my 1.

Before simplification this leaves, (4a)*(-4)=(-1/4a)(4a). This simplifies to -16a=--1.

Remember that anything divided by itself is 1, so 4a/4a=1.

To finish solving for "a", divide both sides by -16.

-16a/-16=-1/-16 simplifies to a=1/16.

A negative divided by a negative is a positive.

Thus the solution is 1/16.

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16. Multiply both sides by 4a. Your goal is to get the variable by itself.