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i dont understand how to do this problem please help me thanks

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Is the quantity to the right of the equals sign (8/x) + 1 or 8/(x+1)?  Unfortunately there's no easy way to write out fractions here, so the next best thing is to use parentheses and/or brackets to make it clear what's in the numerator and what's in the denominator.  That helps us be certain that we help you with the exact problem you are having trouble with.

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To solve this equation for x, we should simplify and then combine like terms.
Notice that the second term, 8x/x, simplifies to 8 since x/x = 1, so we can rewrite the equation as:

4-8+1 = 8/x+1

Combining the constant terms gives:

-3 = 8/x +1

To get the x term by itself, next we subtract 1 from both sides to give:

-4 = 8/x

Multiply both sides by x:

-4x = 8

And now:

x = 8/-4
= -2

You can check your answer by plugging in (-2 ) for x in the original equation.