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Amir J.

asked • 08/22/20

Human computer interaction

Questions 1 to 3 are based on the scenario given in Figure 1.0 as follows:

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused educational institutions around the world to

drastically change their methods of teaching and learning from conventional face to face

approach into the online space. However, due to the immersive nature of technology

education, not all teaching and learning activities can be delivered online. For many

educators, specifically technology educators who usually rely on face-to-face, blended

instruction and practical basis, this presents a challenge. Despite that, debates also lead

to several criticized issues such as maintaining the course's integrity, the course's

pedagogical contents and assessments, feedbacks, help facilities, plagiarism, privacy,

security, ethics and so forth. As for students' side, their understanding and acceptance

are crucial.

Thus, by rethinking learning design, technology educators can ensure a smooth transition

of their subjects into the online space where "nobody is left behind'. A new initiative called

'universal design' targets all students including students with disabilities which is inclusive

and increase learning experience (Kerr et al., 2014). The highlights are on:

1.Pedagogical contents (Notes, Tutorials, Recorded Video).

2.Assessments (Exercises, Quizzes, Mid-Semester Test).

3. Online Collaborative Platforms (Google Drive, Whatsapps, and social networks Ilike Facebook, Instagram, Telegram).

4.Timely Feedback.

5.Help Facilities (Help Facilities or Error Handling/Error Messages).

6.Privacy, Security, Ethics.

Visual design and aesthetics have a profound effect on how students engage with online

learning materials (Malamed, 2015). Regrettably., these principles (layout design,

screen design, navigation design, color theory, typography, use of images, audio

and video principles) are not well-implemented in educational field (Reyna et al., 2018).


The evidence behind these principles comes from multiple disciplines, including

neuroscience (LeDoux, 1989). psychology (Chang et al., 2002), multimedia leaning

(Mayer, 2008), and visual design (Lin, 2013).

1.   Design a storyboard representing overall views of your screen. You are also required to display the flows (navigation) of your system until the fourth levels.

2.1.     Assuming that the system has been developed, you are required to conduct an evaluation process to ensure that the system is well-developed and fulfilled its objectives. Identify     one (1) appropriate evaluation type, evaluation techniques and evaluation methods. Justify your answers.


Amir J.

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Amir J.

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