Gabrielle W.

asked • 04/01/20

College Algebra Linear Functions and equations

Rachael runs a restaurant that sells two kinds of desserts. Rachael knows the restaurant must make at least 39 and at most 95 boxes of the White Chocolate Blizzards. The restaurant must also make between 10 and 88 boxes of the Nutty Squirrels. The boxes of White Chocolate Blizzards take 11 ounces of flour, while boxes of Nutty Squirrels require 5 ounces of flour. The restaurant only has 1265 ounces of flour available. If boxes of White Chocolate Blizzards generate $2.27 in profit, and boxes of Nutty Squirrels generate $2.67, how many boxes of the desserts should Rachael have the restaurant make to get the most profit?

White Chocolate Blizzards:

Nutty Squirrels

Best profit:

the answers i got were 82.5 for white chocolate blizzards, nutty squirrels 88 and the best profit 420.035

how did they get the answers 75 for the white chocolate, 88 for nutty squirrels, and 405.21 for best profit?

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