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Asked • 01/04/20

Why Chinese is so hard to learn?

Yes. It is much harder even for Chinese native speakers.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. China has long history. Characters could mean totally different even it is the same character. In different dynasty, same phrase could be very different too. For example, "内人“ which is " n e I r e n" in PINYIN , means wife. but you can't tell the exact meaning just by hearing the phase cuz they pronounce the same. So it could lead you to misunderstand as inside person or person inside or maybe just inside of a person. The truth is none of them will be right if you don't know the situation and Chinese history.
  2. Chinese has so many borrowed character and homonyms. For example 凶, 兄, 熊, 雄,汹,匈,胸,芎 can you imagine they all pronounce the same but absolutely different meanings. X I O N G is the PINYIN of these characters. About borrowed characters, here's an example, 僵 borrowed from 强 in the old days means stiff but 强 could mean strong. I'll tell you guys more about it later as this is not allowed to type in PINYIN correctly.
  3. Chinese has 4 different tones and 2 of them are very hard for most of the people unless you are good at singing. Singing is really helping for language study. The rules changes in so many situations so it is even hard for man to do that and of course languages have emotion which is hard for people to tell it's a lie or not when you say it.
  4. That's all for today! I'm new here so if you wanna know Chinese better don't hesitate to contact me.

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Youhyun L. answered • 02/28/20

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Hui-mei Y. answered • 01/07/20

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