Mav V.

asked • 07/31/19


I am thinking of 3-digit number.

It can be formed by using three of the digits shown on the cards below.

The digit in the tens place is 1 more than the digit in the ones place.

The digit in the tens place is 2 less than the digit the hundreds place.

Digit in the cards is 6 1 3 9 8 5

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Sai Avinash Reddy M. answered • 07/31/19

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Mav V.

Halo, Thanks for the answer. i'm still confused about "tens place is 2 less than hundreds place, so that means hundreds place is 2 more than tens place" so that makes it (x+1) + 2. Can you explain more? really appreciates it.


Sai Avinash Reddy M.

Yes no problem. The question says digit in tens place is 2 less than hundreds place. So if you see the answer 8 6 5 the tens place ‘6’ is 2 numbers less than 8. So you can actually see that the hundreds place is 2 numbers more than tens place ‘6’ which is 8.


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