Asked • 04/21/19

Help with the confusions around 了?

So I am having a bit of a confusion with the use of 了. So the teacher gave me a sentence which is this: \n我买了两个苹果。\nShe said that V+了+object requires the object to have specified quantity. After that she gave this sentence:\n我买了苹果了\nShe said that if the object have no specified quantity or information there need to be a 了 after it. I ask her if “我买苹果了” is correct or not and she said it is true colloquially which really baffled me.\nCan someone tell me where to put 了 in a sentence that have objects but have unspecified quantity (like the one above)

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Cathy S. answered • 06/03/21

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Hui-mei Y. answered • 01/07/20

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