Asked • 04/17/19

って vs が. JLPT question?

I'm looking through JLPT N3 questions and have come across this one: > A: ねえ (   ) どんなひと? > B: とても親切でいい人だよ The possible answers are: 1. 田中さんが 2. 田中さんで 3. 田中さんって 4. 田中さんでも Number 4 makes no sense at all. "Tanaka-san but"? Number 2 is a bit weird. We're not doing anything with Tanaka. It is wrong. However, my instinct was that number 1 was correct. It is not. 3 is. I understand the use of って。 Its saying on the subject of whatever->this. But が also seems that it would work fine. Tanaka is the object we're talking about. Why is 1 so wrong and 3 has to be right? Also, would は be strictly okay in this sentence?

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