Asked • 04/16/19

What topics are important to analyse a financial product?

When reading analysis papers of financial product, derivative or stock, tangible or not, I noticed that a lot of those papers seem to have similar structures.\n\nThis got me to the question if there exists some sort a basis structure to use when analysing a financial product. Or if there are some important topics we need to take in account, to have our analysis accepted by the Financial and Economic communities?\n\n***Please note that I'm referring to research/analysis that focuses on the financial product.***\n\n***Edit - 2015/05/29:*** As commented: I'm interested in doing a theoretical analysis of, for example, a derivative that someone invented, this won't have any historical data.\nAlso, what is analysed when a central bank receives a proposal for a new product (i.e. new type of derivative)? What type of analysis is done? It's more in this sense, analysing a new formulation of a financial product that isn't on the market yet. How is this done?

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