Nick W.

asked • 01/22/19

Find number of possible groups of 6 sets of 4 different variables without duplicate variables within a set.

Starting with 24 variables A,B,C,...X. Trying to come up with as many sets of 4 variables, using all 24, as in 6 groups of 4 variables, without having any 2 variables in the same set twice.

So, if group one is sets: abcd efgh ijkl mnop qrst uvwx, then subsequent groups cannot have point A with B, C, or D; E with F, G, or H; etc..

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Nick W.

Thank you the help, but I don’t think I’ve worded my question quite right yet. As I’ve studied it, I also think it has a second part. The actual problem I’m looking at is a group of 24 golfers on a trip. Each day, 6 foursomes play. I’m trying to figure a way to mix and match each day to have each person play in a foursome with 3 different golfers than the previous days. After numerous trials of writing it out on paper, it seems that after 3 days there will have to be some people playing with a previous partner in some groups. But I’m not sure how to put that into equation form. Not really a big deal, was just looking for a math based way to get the most days of unique matchups:). Thanks again.


Paul M.

OK, I will try to think about that. You might want to look at a very old, but still in print, book called “Choice and Chance” by Whitworth.


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