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How do you multiply and divide numbers by percents

I am having trouble multiplying and dividing numbers by percents.

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The above is all true, however, your question is how to divide and multiply by percents.  Please allow me to elaborate on the above answer.  Consider that you are in a store shopping for a jacket.  The sign says that the jacket is 25 percent off, and the price of the jacket costs $59.99.  Follow the formula below:
59.99 (X) .25 (25%/100) = 14.9975 (or rounded up to 15), so the dollar amount off of the price of the jacket is $15.00.
Now to find the actual discounted price of the jacket you need to follow the steps below:
59.99 - 15.00 = 44.99
The same is done to find a percentage of increase.
In Florida, the sales tax on an item is 7%.  Once you decide to purchase the jacket we mentioned earlier, you will need to know the amount of tax on that purchase:
$44.99 X .07 (7%) = 3.149 (or rounded up to 3.15)
44.99 + 3.15 = 48.14
So you will pay $48.14 for that $59.99 jacket.
I hope this helps you with working with percentages.
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When you have a percentage you change the decimal place two times to the left. Ex 20%= .2    5%= .05   100%= 1.0


Remember your percentage will always be divided by 100, if you plug it on the calculator you will be able to get it as a decimal.  


Ex: Let's say you have 2%