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Price per ounce of original bottle

A 23.4 ounce shampoo bottle is labeled "Now 30% more free!" and sells for $15.00.  What is the price per ounce of the original bottle?

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We need to know how many ounces are in the original bottle.
If x is the original amount, then x + .3x = 23.4 oz
1.3x = 23.4
x = 23.4\1.3 = 18 oz
The price per ounce is $15.00 / 18 oz = $0.84
Quang H. | Math and Science TutorMath and Science Tutor
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The bottle says 30% more, so 30% extra is inside the bottle, or 130% of the original size, or 1.3 times as much. We can fit this into the equation:
x * 1.3 = 23.4
where x is the size of the original. Solving for x, we get 18 as the size of the original, and doing $15/18 oz., we get 0.833, or 83ยข per ounce.