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High School Pre-Cal

Martin won 8 tickets to the school carnival. He has a budget of $20 to buy additional tickets. Which function will determine the total number of tickets Martin can have?
A. F(x)= 20/x+a
B. F(x)= 20+8/x
C. F(x)= 20/x+8
D. F(x)= x/20+8

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Okay. So Martin will definitely have the 8 tickets he won. In addition, he has $20 to buy more tickets. Let's say that each ticket that he buys costs x dollars. If they are $5 each, he could buy 4 tickets because $20/$5 = 4. Plus, he would still have the 8 he won initially.
Therefore, F(x) = 20/x + 8 would be the correct answer.