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Distance Rate Time Algebra Question~!

Sheila and May are on opposite sides of a lake. Sheila's boats travels at 12 km/h and May's boat travels at 10 km/h. If the lake is 69 km wide, Sheila leaves at 1pm, and May leaves at 1:15pm, what time will they meet?

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The first thing you need is the formula for calculating distance. d=rt which is distance=rate*time You then will want to create a table so that you can plug in the information like such:
               Distance =  Rate  * Time

Sheila      d            =  12    *    t

May         69-d       =  10    *    t

We know the distance so our formula would appear as 69=12t+10t

we then get 69=22t You then just do your basic division to find out what t is equal to and that will give you your time it took for them to meet at a point. Then plug it into the formulas and you will get the answer for the distance traveled by each person. As a result you can calculate the time it took for each of them to travel the distance they did and see what time they met together. Hope this helps you.