Nicorin E.

asked • 03/26/18


Okay so I have this question on surface area of a cylinder. Simple right?

Well the formula is SA = 2πr2 + 2πrh right?

So i plug in my numbers. The question is, Cylinder A has a radius of 2 inches and a height of 2 inches. Cylinder B has a radius of 2 inches and a height of 4 inches. Calculate the surface area for both cylinders.

So i plug in my numbers SA=2 x 3.14 x radius squared which for cylinder A is 2 squared making it 4 right? So, SA= 2 x 3.14 x 4? When i put this in and solve for it I get 25.12, now you add 2 x 3.14 x 2 x 2 right? Or do you use the squared version, making it 4? Either way EVERY TIME i solve for it i get something WAY HIGHER than the available answers, it says the answer is A: 16π in2; B: 24π in2.!!?!?!!?!??! IM SO LOST i'm begging anyone to show me how this is the answer :(
also i'm very tired

1 Expert Answer


Andrew M. answered • 03/27/18

Mathematics - Algebra a Specialty / F.I.T. Grad - B.S. w/Honors

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