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what is the slope y-9=17

what is the slope y-9=17


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3 Answers

The slope of this problem is 0, since y = mx +b.  m is the slope.  First move all like terms to one side y-9 = 17, so y = 26.  In the y = mx+b form y = 0x + 26, since there are zero xs.  So the slope is 0.

Formula: y = mx +b. m is the slope.

Plug in and go.

y-9 = 17 



y 0=26


I suspect that you are missing a factor of x. Let's say that the x is with the 9 so that y - 9x = 17. Then, you need to put your equation in slope-intercept form: y = mx + b. this equation says that the slope is ALWAYS in front of the variable when the x-term is on the right hand side and y is on the left hand side. 

So, we add 9x to both sides to move the x-term over the right. We have y = 9x + 17. Now, compare

y = mx + b

y = 9x + 17

We see that 9 is in front of x and that is the slope! 

However, if there is no x, then what you have is y =  constant, which is a horizontal line. The slope of a horizontal line is always zero because it does not rise.