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How do i solve this problem (1/2)(10t)=50,000

can you please help me solve this math problem the answer choice are:A. 250, B.1,000, C.2,500, D.10,000

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Seyed is correct. There is also another way to to this.  Simply multiply the two numbers inside the parenthesis together. 
 Now your equation reads 5t=50,000.
Now, solving algebraically, divide both sides by 5. 5t/5=50,000/5
Presto, your answer is exactly the same as what Seyed explained.
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first multiply both sides of the equation by 2:
2(1/2)(10t) = 2*50,000 
now 10t = 100,000 
finally divide both sides of the equation by 10:         10t /10 = 100,000 /10
so: t= 10,000     (Answer choice D)