Victoria R.

asked • 01/08/18

10÷2×18-5. Please correctly solve my problem!

This is PEMDAS the Order of Operations not just adding and subtracting.

Sara C.

So hi let me tell you I’m the easy way....
first u do 10 divided by 2 which equals 5 then 5 multiplied by 18 which is 90 then 90-5 wich is 85 Your welcome??


Kenneth S. got the right answer, the right way.
I do think that you ought to take care in typing an answer; you misspelled WHICH
and you made the egregious grammatical error "Your welcome" which should be "You're welcome".
I point this out because we as educators ought to not make that type of basic mistake.


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Mikaila D. answered • 01/08/18

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