Hasan E.

asked • 11/24/17

What is the angle θ of the prism?

Here is my diagram: https://i.stack.imgur.com/WYSnE.png

A parallel beam of light is incident from air at an angle a on the side PQ of a right angled triangular prism of refractive index n=√2. Light undergoes total internal reflection in the prism at the face PR when a has a minimum value of 45°. What is the angle θ of the prism?
I'm a bit confused right now. However, I think that we need to use Snell's law. 
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Arturo O. answered • 11/24/17

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Hasan E.

You are awesome sir! I got everything perfectly.


Arturo O.

You are welcome, Hasan.


Siya S.

How to find the path of light Ray and angles made by it after refracting from a total refracting prism


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