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math word problem

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2 Answers

Helga can wax the car by herself in 40 minutes.
Working together, Susan will wax 1/4 of the car in 30 minutes.  Helga will wax the other 3/4 of the car in 30 minutes. 
x= Helga's rate
x=2/3 hr
assume we don't know how long it takes them to work together(x hrs)
x=1/2 hr working together which is what was stated


Would the person who gave me the thumbs down like to explain what exactly is wrong with this solution ?
This is how you solve these types of problems using algebra. Suppose the problem was as stated:
Susan waxes her car in 2 6/7 hrs. When she works together with Helga, they can wax the car in 1 1/3 hrs.
How long would it take Helga to wax the car alone ? Solving this one would be difficult without algebra !