Kohwai S.

asked • 07/27/14

the sum of two numbers is 72 and one of them is five times the other;what are the two numbers

the sum of three consecutive odd integers is 597.find the integers.

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Michael O.

Thanks Carl. Clearly, doing math at 1AM is not the best. I think I hit 5 instead of 6 the first time, and then somehow thought it was correct, and continued to go with it. 


Arthur D.

Just to add something interesting to part 2...
If you have three consecutive integers, three consecutive odd integers, or three consecutive even integers,
the mean or average is the middle number. The sum of three consecutive odd integers is the same as the middle one multiplied by 3. For example, the sum of 5,7, and 9 is 21, which is the same as 3*7=21.
The reasoning is that 9 is 2 more than 7 while 5 is 2 less than 7. The point I'm trying to make is that a simple solution to part 2 is 597/3=199 which is the middle number. Therefore, the other two numbers are
199+2=201 and 199-2=197. Michael O.'s solution is perfect and that is how to mathematically solve a problem like this. Mathematics is full of patterns and it's fun and interesting to see these patterns and simple solutions. There may be a time when the use of these patterns becomes a useful tool and you are also adding to your repertoire of problem-solving skills. 


Michael O. answered • 07/28/14

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Katherine S.

Just for clarification, you would divide 72 by 6 (not by 6n). ;)


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